Roepersfontein Ministries Seminary

Roepersfontein Seminary is a dynamic and rapidly growing Bible School.  Our unique Word-based Biblical training is a simple way to study and a positive step towards spiritual growth.

Weekly Classes and Distance Learning

Classes are presented once a week at our different campuses.  Distance education is accommodated via e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone calls.  Ad-hoc visits to mentors and lecturers are organised as needed to ensure success.

Our vision and mission

Every student and lecturer equipped, trained, developed and edified from the Holy Scriptures, in the knowledge of the Son of God, to a fully mature disciple and spiritual leader to the extent of the full stature of Christ.

clt seminary


Our Certificates and Diplomas are based on the CLT (Calvary Life Tutors) Curriculum, which is especially designed to take you from spiritual immaturity to maturity and to give you full assurance in your walk with God.

Each year is divided into several modules.  Each module, with a textbook that contains the material for various lectures and a workbook that students must work through.  Workbooks are submitted for examination and marks on the specific module.  Examination papers can also be presented for each module, if necessary.  In addition, students receive one or two assignments to complete each year.  After each year, the student receives a Certificate and after completing three years, a Diploma.

Phase 1 : Certificate in Christian Discipleship

Requirements: Grade 10

Module 1: Christian Basics 1
The Godhead, foundation doctrines, personal development, Christian character

Module 2: Old Testament
The Bible, Genesis to Joshua

Module 3: Values of Christ
31 Values and sermon on the mount

Module 4: Christian Basics 2
New Covenant, financial wisdom, priorities of life, prayer

Module 5: The Gospels and Acts
Matthew, Luke, John and Acts

Module 6: Discipleship Growth 1
The whole man, Holy Spirit fruit, faith, Holy Spirit leading

Module 7: Survey of the Letters
The letters of Paul and general letters

Phase 2 : Diploma in Leadership

Requirements: Certificate in Christian Discipleship

Module 1: Equipping for victory
The Name of Jesus, armour of God, confession, believer’s authority, healing

Module 2: Old Testament 2
The Bible, Judges to Song of Songs

Module 3: Marriage and family
Biblical perspectives on marriage

Module 4: Study of Romans
The Gospel of Jesus and explained in Romans

Module 5: Christian Maturity 1
The love walk, family life, raising children, life of adoration

Module 6: Christian Leadership 1
Basic leaders course, ministry of leadership, church administration, motivation

Module 7: Gospel of John 1
A verse by verse study of the first half of John’s Gospel

Phase 3 : Advanced Diploma in Ministry

Requirements: Diploma in Leadership

Module 1: Ministry Principles 1
Analysis of ministry, supportive gifts, practical ministry, evangelism training, soul winner’s guide

Module 2: Old Testament 3
The Prophets, Isaiah to Malachi

Module 3: Prescriptions of Christ
Various prescriptions for handling situations

Module 4: Pastoral training 1
The art of interpretation, the art of preaching, communication in context, effective pastoring, communication today

Module 5: Study of Conrinthians
An in-depth study of 1st Corinthians

Module 6: Christian leadership 2
Leadership profile, excellence of ministry, school of obedience, Christ-like leadership

Module 7: Gospel of John 2
A verse by verse study of the second half of John’s Gospel

Phase 3 : Certificate in Christian Counselling

Requirements: Diploma in Leadership

Module 1: Ministry Principles

Module 2: Communication Principles
Business communication today

Module 3: Basic Counselling Principles

Module 4: Prescriptions of Christ
Bible based counselling

Module 5: Introduction to Sociology 1

Module 6: Marriage Counselling 1

Module 7: Gospel of John 2
A verse by verse study of the second half of John’s Gospel

Phase 4 : Diploma in Biblical Counselling

Requirements: Certificate in Christian Counseling

Module 1: Discipleship Growth 2
Psychology – Introduction

Module 2: Pastoral Psychology 1

Module 3: Introduction to Counselling

Module 4: Bible-based Counselling 2

Module 5: Pastoral Counselling Training
Introduction to Sociology 2

Module 6: Interpersonal Communication 1

Module 7: Equipping for Victory 2

seminary degrees


Our degrees are fully accredited by Antioch University USA

Bachelor in Divinity

The B. D. degree can only be done once a third year Diploma is obtained, and is a fourth year in which students must complete 12 assignments successfully.

Masters in Divinity

For the Master’s degree, students must already have completed a B.D. degree. Students must select a specific subject or theme in consultation with and under the supervision of a designated mentor and complete a thesis of minimum 500 pages.

Doctoral in Divinity

For the Doctoral degree, students must already have completed a Master’s degree. Students must, in co-operation and under the guidance of a designated mentor, select a specific subject and complete a thesis of minimum 600 pages.

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A national formal graduation ceremony is held every year on the first Sunday of November at the Kriel Campus. All students and lecturers will be invited to this important event and receive formal recognition for studies, attendance and contributions made during the preceding academic year.

Congratulations to all our 2019 Graduates!


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